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focus booster, an introduction

focus booster is a super simple time tracking app based on the pomodoro technique. It can be used by anyone but most resonates with freelancers and professionals.

A simple timer, it will keep you focused, the easiest time tracking you can imagine with insightful reporting. It will improve your productivity.

Available as a web app, and for download on Mac or Windows.

The benefits that come with regular use of focus booster include:

  • Reduce distractions, boosting your productivity

  • Improve your time management, keep your clients happy

  • Simple time tracking, invoice clients with ease

  • Understand where your time is being spent, with productivity insights

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focus booster history

Focus booster was created in 2009 and is headquartered in Adelaide, Australia.

Scott built focus booster to solve a real problem he was facing. He managed a team of developers and designers at a digital agency, business was good and work was piling up, but, the budget to hire more hands wasn't there. The team needed to be empowered to do more with the time they had.

Enter, the pomodoro technique. A way for the team to increase output without having to work longer or hire more people. An app was developed to implement the pomodoro technique method in a simple, digital form.

Thus, focus booster was born and shortly after (because the team liked it so much) it was released to the world. Ten years on, focus booster continues to grow with 240,000+ users, multiple apps and a new release on the way.

focus booster culture

focus booster works to create a culture that encourages creativity, independence, learning and above all else, a healthy work-life balance.

We are a team of diverse personalities, from different backgrounds. We believe our differences help us create a unique and useful product. As a team, we continually seek new ways to improve.

Learn more about our team.