Pomodoro Technique Planning

Instantly achieve everything you set out to do in your day.

Do you regularly compile a list of everything you want to do in a day but never get it all done? So, are you bad at estimating, easily distracted, unproductive or disorganized? Don't be offended because we know how to fix it!

Never over promise on deadlines again, not to a client, a manager or even yourself.

Start planning with the pomodoro technique and deliver.

Pomodoro technique planning is simple;

  1. Make a list of the tasks you want to achieve in your day. You can use our pomodoro planning sheet to make it quicker.
  2. Estimate how many pomodoro sessions you think you will need to complete each. Mark each required session using a box.
  3. Tally up your sessions for the day and ensure it is achievable within the time you have. It is unlikely you will be able to complete any more than 14 in a normal 8 hour day by the time you have your breaks.
  4. Get focus booster ready to go, and time your first session. As you finish a session mark each pomodoro estimate box with a cross.
  5. If you are interrupted or something else pressing comes up during the day, add it to your activity inventory (second section of the planning sheet) and then make a note of when you want to attend to it (when to action). It might be during a long break or if it is important you might want to allocate a session to it that day, or perhaps it could wait until tomorrow. This section is not for your daily planning, just for anything that comes up during the day. By noting these things down, you can keep your mind clear to focus on the task ahead and not fear forgetting to come back to it.

Planning your day with the pomodoro technique will give you the direction and purpose you need to stay focused throughout the day. It also has the added bonus of instilling a sense of achievement as you mark off your planned tasks.

But as you improve at estimating how long things will take, you begin to have realistic expectations of what you can achieve in a day. The absolute winner from that is you will filter this through to clients, managers or teams so you also become really great at managing their expectations too.

So not only will you be the most productive person in the room, you will also be dependable. Who would have thought a simple pomodoro plan could deliver all that?!

Here is the link to that planning resource again! To make life even easier we have developed a great daily planning resource to use along side focus booster to help you achieve these great things.

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