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Level up your time tracking with focus booster's simple pomodoro app. Understand where your time goes, avoid procrastination and develop life long, productive habits to achieve more work in less time.

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Resist distractions and improve focus

Pomodoro timer

Elevate your focus with the pomodoro technique. Start the timer and enter a state of productivity flow.

Long break

Reward progress with a long break at regular intervals. Take 20-minutes to reflect and return to work refreshed.

Today list

Feel accomplished and keep track of all your completed tasks in the today list.

Pomodoro count

Avoid wondering what you've accomplished today. Watch the pomodoro count increase, one session at a time.

Accomplish more and visualise progress

Dashboard reports

focus booster turns your session data into insightful reports. Gain a deeper understanding of your most productive moments.

Clients and billable hours

Manage a portfolio of clients or multiple projects. Make sure you are paid fairly for your hard work with allocated client hourly rates.

Time entries

Filter your time entries to see what you have worked on, and when. Time entry reports can be exported to a CSV file for client invoices.

Manual time entries

Time tracking doesn't always need to happen in real time. Manual entries allow for quick easy entry of meetings or client calls.

Productivity anywhere, any time

Never lose a session

Continue to track pomodoro sessions, even without a network connection. In-flight pomodoros here we come!

Session replay

Revisit sessions from earlier today. Pre-populate the timer with the client, label and session length in one click.

Browser tab count down

No need to keep the timer display open, the browser tab count down will always show how far into a session or break you are.

Notification reminders

Never miss the end of a session or break with optional pop-up notifications and audio alerts.

Small features with big benefits


Break down large client projects into smaller steps with labels. Track your time spent, so you know how long each step took.

Multi platform

Sync your focus booster data across multiple platforms, web, desktop, mobile or tablet.

Time entries export

Filter time entry data and export as a detailed time summary to a client in a CSV file.

Weekly email reports

Start your week with a baseline to improve on. Receive weekly emails with previous weeks productivity data.

Customise week start

Customise your time entries report to start on a Sunday or Monday.

Delete time entries

Keep your time entry data tidy and accurate. Easily delete unwanted entries from the time entries report.

Reallocate time entries

Easily reallocate time entry dates, clients, labels, lengths and durations. Your entries will always be accurate.

Client management

Manage a growing portfolio of clients. Assign hourly rates. Keep active clients visible and archive or delete past clients.

Label management

Keep a tidy record of your label list. Delete, archive or edit your labels in the label management screen.

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"As an easily distracted person, focus booster helps me build and grow my business. It enables me to maintain my focus on tasks and track time spent in total on those tasks or clients.”

Marcey Rader - Lifestyle trainer, health and productivity consultant and bestselling author.

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