Self-improvement is pretty self-explanatory.

Although deemed "cliche" by some. Dropping that stigma and harnessing a positive outlook, you'll quickly see self-improvement is one of life's most vital tools for progression and ultimately happiness.

Self-improvement empowers you to dig deep and get to know yourself intimately. This knowledge will set the pace in your journey to becoming the person you thought you never had the guts to be.

The foundation of productivity is self-awareness. Start by reflecting on how you are currently feeling, your everyday habits and behaviours, even your thoughts.

Are you a serial procrastinator? Do you find yourself gearing up to start a task and 10 minutes in, you're already bored. A quick Facebook feed scroll can't hurt, right? WRONG!

Acknowledge where change is needed. Identify the root cause of why you are procrastinating.

Maybe your job doesn't give a sense of fulfilment anymore, or maybe there's too much on your plate and procrastination is merely a defence mechanism when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Discover your inner-warrior and transform those habits that are detrimental in your journey to becoming the bad-ass business guru you have always fantasised about being.

At the end of the day, your ultimate goal for self-improvement is to become the best version of yourself.

That's where focus booster can help.

As you read through these posts on our own previous moments of self-reflection and goal setting, keep in mind the three elements for self-improvement, self-awareness, relfection and goal setting.

Who knows, maybe you will find a few answers for yourself along the way...

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