On the surface, freelancing sounds like the ideal gig.

Work when you want to, wherever you want to and however much you want.

But, as Sir Winston Churchill said, "The price of greatness is responsibility." Or if you prefer a more-recent attribution, "With great power comes great responsibility" as said by Uncle Ben.

The life of a freelancer is exactly that. Responsibility.

Working for yourself allows a number of advantages when it comes to productivity.

A great deal of control over how you spend your time, not to mention the freedom you have to structure your workday to best suit you.

Within that freedom, however, also lies a number of pitfalls.

As a self-employed guru, sometimes you will face a sudden loss of confidence within yourself and your abilities to reach your goals, or underestimate the amount of time it takes to do things, giving you a rude shock when you realise you have fallen behind on client work.

Well, focus booster is here to help!

To reclaim your productivity and focus, here is a round-up of all of our tips, tricks and insights to help you find those little gems or bursts of motivation to help you be the best freelancer you always set out to be.

Hacks to improve your journey as a freelancer

Bursts of motivation

Freelancing, as said by freelancers