Effective study

Lured into a false sense of security from a few weeks free of assignments and all of a sudden, five deadlines are approaching.

Cue mental breakdown and a Facebook post quoted with, "the struggle is real" as you jump on the next bus headed to procrastination-city.

As a student, you are expected to juggle a social life, lengthy lectures, and deadlines that just keep coming at you.

Meanwhile, you're trying to earn enough money from a part-time job, gain experience from a bunch of internships, and get enough sleep.

A full-time job at Starbucks doesn't sound so bad after all...

But don't give up yet.

We understand that nailing productivity is the most essential skill you'll acquire as a student but not only that, it is a skill that will guide you through life with flying colours.

But for now, get your academic time management working effectively and balancing your social, professional, and personal life will shortly follow.

At focus booster, we have all been here, where you are right now. That's why we're creating great content to help you nail student life.

Reach your full potential