focus booster is more than just your average pomodoro timer, we take the pomodoro technique to a whole other level.

focus booster is for people who want to gain further insight into how they are using their time, achieve more in a day and visualize their progress all while boosting their productivity.

We have empowered 240,000+ people across the world to take control of their time, reduce distractions and finish their day on a win by using our app to improve their focus on the task at hand and measure progress with our insightful reporting.

Founder story

Focus booster was created in 2009 and is headquartered in Adelaide, Australia.

Scott built focus booster to solve a real problem he was facing. He managed a team of developers and designers. Business was good and the work was piling up. But, the budget to hire more hands wasn't there. He needed a solution to empower the team to do more in the time they had.

Scott stumbled across the pomodoro technique one day and the light bulb lit up. This was a way for the team to increase output without having to increase input in the form of hiring or overtime. He developed an app to implement the pomodoro technique method in a simple way, digital form. Something his savvy team would appreciate.

Thus, a simple little pomodoro timer called focus booster was born and shortly after (because the team liked it so much), released to the world. From a desktop app to web and mobile apps, 10 years on focus booster has continued to grow, and along with it, the team has grown too.

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focus booster works to create a culture that encourages creativity, independence, learning and above all else, a healthy work-life balance.

We are a team of diverse personalities, from all different backgrounds. We believe our personality differences drive uniqueness in our product and sets us apart from other pomodoro apps. We empower each other to bring a unique perspective to the table, and as a team, we continually seek new ways to improve collectively.

focus booster also welcomes guest bloggers, designers and developers from time to time.

From 2009 to now...

March 2020 marks the next generation of focus booster, our new progressive web app (PWA) called focus booster NEXT.

Our last full version release was in 2012 and since then, improvements and feature requests have come in thick and fast from users across a range of backgrounds; students, employees, freelancers, business owners and teams. This demonstrated to us just how broad focus booster's audience is, and how these different features could enhance our offering even more.

focus booster NEXT contains new and improved versions of everyone's favourite features, most requested features, and more.

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Contact us

If you would like to get in contact with our team, drop us a line in the 'help' icon at the bottom of this screen or, email us - contact@focusboosterapp.com. We would love to hear from you!